soffit_285x300ALUMINUM PRODUCTS – We stock aluminum soffit in 12” x 12’ in white and brown as well as trims to go with it. We have several sizes of aluminum gable louvers in white and brown from
12” x 12” to 24” x 30 “.

We have 5” k-gutter in stock in 10’, 16’, 21’ and 32’. Custom lengths are available. The 6” commercial k-gutter is also available as a special order. We stock 2” x 3” x 10’ downspout with the commercial 3” x 4” x 10’ downspout available on special order.
Aluminum flashing is in stock in mill finish 8”, 14”, and 20”. Rolls are 50’ long and we do cut the rolls. We also have painted coil stock in 24”x 50’ in white on white or white on brown. The coil stock we also cut to length.

Although not aluminum, we stock copper coil stock in 20” wide rolls. The copper is 16oz. and is sold by the pound. Copper flashing is much longer lasting than aluminum and is often used on slate, wood shake and asphalt shingle roofs.