SHEETROCK – We stock 3/8” and1/2” regular sheetrock, 1/2” moisture resistant and 5/8” fireguard. Corner bead is stocked in metal and vinyl in 8’ and 10’. Also in vinyl trim we stock J-Channel, bullnose corner, bullnose archway and tear away strip. The spackling we have is regular and light weight. We also stock the powdered spackling in regular and easy sand. We have all sizes of drywall screws and nails as well as paper or mesh tape.

INSULATION – We currently carry the Johns Manville fiberglass insulation. Johns Manville is committed to making a quality product that is safer and healthier to use as well as having the best return for your investment. Our inventory is R-11 to R-38 in both faced and unfaced.

Our rigid board insulation is Atlas R-board. It is high efficient polyisocyanurate foam board with a Class I Fire rated core and covered on both sides with a heavy, strong, weather resistant coated fibrous facer; stocked in ½” through 2” in 4’ x 8’ sheets.

Another rigid board insulation we carry is Owens Corning foamular. It’s designed to be used with ground contact and below or above grade. Stocked in 1” and 2” 2’ x 8’ tongue and groove sheets.

We stock two types of loose pourable insulation. One type is Perlite masonry fill used to fill concrete block walls, cavity walls and veneer walls. It comes In a 4 cubic foot bag. The second type is Attic fill. Much larger in size than Perlite the vermiculite can be easily spread across an attic area or poured down a wall cavity. It is also sold in a 4 cubic foot bag.

New this year is Smartshredz which is a natural blown in insulation. Made of 85% recycled paper it gives you great value and performance. You buy what you need to for your area and we will loan you the blower for the install. Call with your questions 570-992-3700.

ROOFING – We handle the IKO roofing line that offers a 3 tab metric shingle and the architectural shingle. Both the 3 tab and architectural offer many colors to choose from. The architectural shingles are popular due to the high definition “shake” look they give and certainly offer improved curb appeal to your home.

We stock all the roofing underlayment needed before installing the roof shingles. There is 15 lb. and 30 lb. felt, woven fiberglass or synthetic felt and ice and water shield.

We have different types of roof coatings depending on your application. There is the standard black roof coating to put over shingles roll roofing or metal and aluminum roof coating for mobile homes and other metal roofing. Have special needs? Call 570-992-3700 today.

MASONRY MATERIAL – We carry fine mason sand, coarse concrete sand and 2B washed gravel in bulk or bagged. In bagged cement we have Portland Type I and mortar cement Type S. Our ready mix concrete products are Quikrete. We carry their 5000lb concrete mix, high strength mortar, no mix fast set concrete, vinyl concrete patch and blacktop patch. We inventory many masonry accessories such as expansion joint, homex, fibered asphalt, and PVC and Sono tubes in 8”through 24” and tube bases.

We offer a nice selection of masonry metals for most projects. We have concrete reinforcing wire in rolls of 5’ x 150’ and flat sheets 5’ x 10’. Rebar is stocked in 1/2” x 10’, 1/2″ x 20’ and 5/8” x 20’. We can cut rebar to any length. We stock metal screed joint for multiple pour floors in 3 1/2” and 5 1/2”. We have 2.5 galvanized diamond mesh 27” x 96” for stucco work. We also carry steel angle iron 1/4” 3” x 4” sold by the foot.

We inventory a full line of cement blocks, 2” and 4” solids; 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” hollow. Need to build a chimney? We have 16’ x 16” block that accept an 8” x 8” flue. We stock 8 x 13, 13 x 13 flue as well as the 8 x 8 and 6” 7” and 8” flue ring (12”) and flue thimble (24”). We carry flue caps in black steel or stainless steel. Need Firebrick for a fire pit or fireplace? We stock both full size and splits. Splits are half size fire brick typically used as a stove liner.

VINYL SIDING – We carry the Norandex Brand of vinyl siding and trims. Norandex has a complete line of siding profiles; Double 4”, Double 5”, Dutchlap 4”, Dutchlap 5”, 6 ½ “ Beaded and Polar Wall insulated back. All siding profiles are available in a wide range of colors. We stock their vinyl soffit 12” x 12’ in white and brown along with all the trim pieces. The 6” Beaded soffit is also available.

ALUMINUM PRODUCTS – We stock aluminum soffit in 12” x 12’ in white and brown as well as trims to go with it. We have several sizes of aluminum gable louvers in white and brown from
12” x 12” to 24” x 30 “.

We have 5” k-gutter in stock in 10’, 16’, 21’ and 32’. Custom lengths are available. The 6” commercial k-gutter is also available as a special order. We stock 2” x 3” x 10’ downspout with the commercial 3” x 4” x 10’ downspout available on special order.

Aluminum flashing is in stock in mill finish 8”, 14”, and 20”. Rolls are 50’ long and we do cut the rolls. We also have painted coil stock in 24”x 50’ in white on white or white on brown. The coil stock we also cut to length.

Although not aluminum, we stock copper coil stock in 20” wide rolls. The copper is 16oz. and is sold by the pound. Copper flashing is much longer lasting than aluminum and is often used on slate, wood shake and asphalt shingle roofs.

PIPE – Our inventory of pipe consists of the popular items used in construction. We have 4” x 10’ PVC sewer and drain both solid and perforated. We also stock all the fittngs for the pipe. Another underground pipe is the ABS Flexible drain pipe. Stocked in 4” x 100’ and 4” x 250’ coils in both solid and perforated with all the fittings.

We stock schedule 40 pipe in 1 ½ “, 2”, 3”, 4” all 10’ long with all the fittings. We have what is referred to as well pipe. Black poly pipe 100lb. test in 100’ coils in 1/2 “ 3/4″, 1”, 1 ¼ “ and 1 ½ “. We stock ½” and ¾” CPCV hot and cold plastic pipe in 10’ lengths as well as Type L copper pipe in ½” and ¾” in 10’ lengths.

We have the heavy gauge .024 stove pipe in painted black and galvanized. Stock sizes are 6”, 7”, and 8” in both the black and galvanized and 5” in just black. We stock elbows to match and increasers, reducers, and trees. We also stock a 6” black barometric damper.