IKO logoROOFING – We handle the IKO roofing line that offers a three tab shingle and the architectural dimension shingle. Both the three tab and the architectural offer many colors to choose from. The architectural shingles are popular due to the high definition look they give and the extended warranty.

We stock all the roofing underlayment that is needed before installing the roofing shingles. There is a 15 lb and a 30 lb felt, woven fiberglass or synthetic felt and ice and water shield.

Becoming more popular is metal roofing. Not just for outbuildings and barns, metal roofing offers a different look and many color options. American Building Components (ABC) and Ideal Roofing are two of the manufactures we use. You can choose from exposed fasteners or concealed fasteners and with metal roofing you can choose from different profiles as well. Metal roofing is more durable and energy-efficient and carries a class A fire rating. There is a cost savings with metal roofing considering the faster install, lowering labor costs. Consider metal for your next roof.