Window and Screen Repair – We offer screen repair for most window and door screens. We have aluminum, fiberglass, and the heavy duty pet screen for those aggressive pets. We will straighten slightly bent frames and replace the screen retaining spline if necessary. We do re-glazing of single pane windows, wooden sash or aluminum storm windows. Call if you are not sure what you have to see if it is repairable 570-992-3700.

Lumber Cut to Size – In our shop we are able to cut lumber to length and width depending on your needs. Our shop also has a jointer for truing boards’ edges and a thickness planer to make rough sawn lumber smooth or to just give you the thickness you need for your project. We will accept outside lumber for planing but it must be new or never used. We are able to cut plywood to size on our panel saw. Whether it’s one sheet or multiple sheets we can satisfy your needs.

Tool Sharpening – We offer a sharpening service for just about anything that cuts. Axes, chisels, knives, lawn mower blades, planer-jointer blades, scissors, sheers, circular saw blades, chain saws, hand saws and more can be sharpened. Our sharpening provider picks up once a week and returns the following week. Don’t be working with a dull cutting edge, bring it in to get freshened up. Any questions call 570-992-3700.

Tool Rental – We rent floor nailers for hardwood flooring or porch flooring. One nailer shoots a barbed nail for indoor installs. The other shoots a galvanized staple for exterior installs. The nailers are rented by the day and you pay for the fasteners used.

Lock Re-keying – We are able to re-key locks made by Kwikset and Schlage. If your home or office has a different key for every lock we can change that to just one key. Call with questions 570-992-3700.

Delivery – Delivery is available for everything we sell. An order over a $1,000 delivery is free. If less than $1,000 the delivery charge is $30.00. If your order can share a ride with another the fee would be $15.00. We do have a conveyor truck for roof shingles to be delivered on the roof.